This 18-Year-Old Asked A Corvette Forum For A Car To Drive To Prom


What happened next will leave you reasonably surprised.

What car did you drive to prom? Chances are it was the nicest car your family owned, or you and some buddies rented a limo. That's nice and all, but one 18-year-old kid decided to shoot a little higher. He posted a message to asking its members if he could borrow a new Corvette to drive him and his girlfriend to prom in. That's right, this teenager asked a bunch of strangers if one of them would loan out a new Corvette. So, how did the forum members react?


Surprisingly everyone was quite supportive. That could be because the teen, Chase Hendrickson (that's the OP's username), sounds like a great kid. Hendrickson posted a quick bio about himself. Apparently he's an AP student who doesn't drink or do drugs and has never been stopped by the police. While some of those claims may be overblown the members of Corvette Forum didn't bother to call out the kid's possible b.s. Instead, they mostly complimented the teen for his courage in posting his request and apologized for not being able or willing to help out. One forum member even went so far as to offer $500 to any forum who would help out.

So far it seems like the Hendrickson's dream won't come true but we commend him for having the stones to at least try. But like the other forum members we do have one question. The 18-year-old says that he would be willing to let whomever loans him a new Corvette drive either a Jeep Wrangler or C4 Corvette as a loaner car for the evening. What the hell is wrong with taking either of those to prom?!


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