This 1955 Aston Martin Hasn't Been Touched For Almost Fifty Years

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Now you have the chance to own this amazing DB2/4.

The Aston Martin DB2/4 was a grand tourer sold from 1953 to 1957. The car was powered by a Lagonda-built dual-overhead cam straight-six that was originally designed by W.O. Bentley. This engine was a 2.6-liter that produced 125 hp and was later increased to 2.9 liters, raising power to 140 hp. Only 764 examples of the DB2/4 were built, and now a very special 1955 model is for sale. The car has been untouched since 1967 when it was put away following a head gasket failure. It has spent the last 49 years under a cover.

The car has been completely unaltered except for a color change from Moonbeam Gray to Harold Radford Blue. The seller says that the car is rust-free, even though the body is covered in almost five decades worth of dust and grime. If you want a chance to own this rare gem, you can actually bid on the car on eBay where it's listed for £135,000 (around $178,000). The car is being sold in Gloucestershire, England, and has a OBO (or best offer) on its listing. Who knows, maybe if no one makes a good offer you could get this car for a steal.

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