This 1957 BMW 507 Is Worth $1.6M And Climbing

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It's already the most expensive car ever on Bring a Trailer.

BMW has been under fire in recent months for its design choices, especially with regards to the 4 Series, but there was a time when the Bavarian brand knew how to pen a pretty car. One of the prettiest was the BMW 507, a car that remains one of the most beautiful cars ever made. Beautiful cars are worth lots of money in good condition - the Jaguar E-Type and Ferrari's 250 GT are two prime examples, and the 507 we feature today is no different. Currently listed on Bring a Trailer, the 1957 roadster's bidding currently sits at $1,600,000 - the most any car has ever fetched on the site - and climbing with another four days of bidding still to go.

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Of course, beauty is just one factor of why this car is so valuable, and rarity plays an important role too. This is one of approximately 250 examples ever made and rolled off the production line on September 17th, 1957. It was originally sold new in Rome with chassis number 70077, which makes it a Series II model. The Series II is identical to the Series I save for a smaller 17.4-gallon gas tank in the trunk since the mammoth 29.1-gallon tank of the Series I models was mounted behind the seats and resulted in complaints from owners who could smell the gas when the hardtop (which this car comes with) was on the car.

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Another factor that usually plays a role in the selling price of classic automobiles is originality, but that isn't playing much of a role on this particular listing, as the price continues to climb despite a comprehensive restoration that took place when the car was first imported to the United States and throughout its life here since. The mileage counter on this model reads just under 14,000 kilometers (approximately 8,500 miles), but with the car changing hands numerous times over the years, the true mileage is unknown. Nevertheless, this car will surely retain its value thanks to numerous documents showing its history and provenance. Got a couple million lying around? I'd really appreciate an early Christmas present.

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