This 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Could Fetch Over $56 Million At Auction

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Which would make it the most expensive car in the world.

The figures that get chucked around when it comes to 60s model Ferrari GTOs is pretty much incomprehensible to your average Joe who thinks the price tag on a new Mustang is out of reach. These cars are the ones that set records almost every time they go up for sale. As it stands the current most expensive car known to the public (no one knows what happens in private auctions) is a 1963 Ferrari GTO that sold for $52,000,000. That's 1368 and a half Mustang GTs.

This latest one listed at Talacrest is a year older, a 1962 model, and has a storied and interesting past. The car was just the second built out of the 39 car production run in March of 1962 and was used by the factory for testing at Monza before being registered and sold to a New York dealership. By 24 March, the car was already on track and won 1st in class. It saw a new owner and by June it was wearing red paint with blue and white racing stripes added. It continued racing and in 1964, needed some work after hitting the retaining wall, but it was fixed and raced until 1976 when it had a complete restoration, and a new owner in 1978 when the car was retired from the track. From then it lived a life of luxury until now.

In 1997 the GTO was sold to Bernard J. Carl who stayed in possession of the car until it went up for auction this month. That history seems to be enough for the GTO to be valued more than the last one, and so this 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, with its 300 horsepower 3.0-liter V12, metallic blue paint (with obligatory white stripe) is headed for auction with a price tag of an unbelievable 45,000,000 GBP - or roughly $56,700,000 at today's rate. We're pretty sure whoever buys this will remain anonymous, but as long as he tells his wife what he paid for it then we're happy. We don't want her selling the car off for what she thinks he paid for it one he's passed on!

Stephen Griswold talks about the restoration undertaken on the Ferrari 250 GTO and why he he restored the existing body and only replaced the left front wing.

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