This 1964 250 LM Will Make Everyone Fall In Love With Ferrari

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Even if you're a Lamborghini guy.

There are many reasons why Ferrari has captured the hearts of countless people over the past 70 years. This 1964 250 LM is one of many great examples, but there's something about it that just screams perfection. Petrolicious caught up with owner and Ontario, Canada Ferrari dealer Remo Ferri, whose Ferrari obsession and love for this particular model is so contagious. The 250 LM is powered by a 3.3-liter V12 with 320 hp and a top speed of 180 mph. It also happens to be achingly beautiful from every angle.

Like Ferri, we particularly love it when the engine hood is fully opened, exposing that V12 and all of its analog mechanical goodness. The interior is about as bare bones as one can get. There's the steering wheel, gauges, gearbox and seats. That's about it, and you wouldn't want anything more.

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Its exterior design is as beautiful as the day it rolled off the Maranello factory floor. And in case you're wondering, the 250 LM (as in Le Mans) is literally the mid-engined version of the iconic 250 GT. It also happens to be one of Ferrari's first mid-engined cars, a setup that culminates with today's 488 GTB. But the early 1960s was the golden era for Ferrari racing, especially at Le Mans, and this 250 LM serves as a beautiful reminder.

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