This 1967 Porsche 912 Restomod Has A Great Story

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Some cars really do become part of the family.

Anders Warming is an automotive designer who spent time at BMW and Mini, notably working under controversial designer Chris Bangle for a period of time. He also worked as the Chief of Design at BMW Mini. But Warming's latest project has to do with another classic design, the 1967 Porsche 912, which was an entry-level version of the 911.

Warming's father, Claus Warming, was also a big car fan, and the family eventually acquired a red 912. They had never had a Porsche before and it was a dream come true for them at the time. Anders Warming's father sadly passed away in 2016 and his son took over the 912 when he was inspired to fix it up, not just as it was a great sports car, but because of the emotional attachment. We've seen many fantastic rebuilt Porsches through the years, and Warming's 912 is another.

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Warming's standards were high which is why restoration of the 912 was always going to be meticulously done. When work got underway, Warming noticed that the red paint was peeling off and beneath it, was the 912's original Bahama Yellow paint. As it was the goal to get the 912 as original as possible, the choice was made to stick with the Bahama Yellow paint.

After being totally stripped down and resprayed, the original 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine was installed back inside the fresh body. "When I got behind the wheel after it was finished, it felt like a car I knew," said Warmer. "It had the soul and the character of the car that I bought with my father."

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"My family [loves] to see this car because it's a positive memory, not only of the process we've now been through but also the time we've spent with my father." The heartwarming story reminds us of the son who bought back his late father's 1974 Dodge Challenger.

Although the 912 often lives in the shadow of the 911, Warmer's restomod looks absolutely perfect and we think the decision to revert to the original Bahama Yellow paint was a good one. Warming puts it perfectly when he said that the purity and the humbleness of the 912's shape are what make it so appealing. Claus Warming would've been proud to see his old Porsche revived as it was.

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