This 1969 Dodge Charger Really Does Look Incredible In Sublime Green

Muscle Car

Even though it wasn't an official paint color option that year.

When you go to build one of your dream cars, the rules that apply are the ones you decide on. This car will be something for yourself, and don’t let anyone tell you different. That’s the philosophy taken by Bromley Howser, owner of this forever gorgeous Sublime Green 1969 Dodge Challenger Hemi featured on this latest Petrolicious video. He’s also the owner of several other classics from his youth, such as a ’63 split-window Corvette Stingray and a ’70 Chevelle with a 454 under its hood. But it’s the Charger that’s his daily driver.

If you’re a Mopar fan, you’ve probably realized that Sublime Green wasn’t offered in ’69. It was in 1970, however. But Howser didn’t concern himself with details such as this. He wanted to restore the car, which he found in pieces in Denver, Colorado, to his liking. No crime has been committed.

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This was also a very personal project for him. You see, Howser was involved in a serious motorcycle accident years ago, and restoring a car like this was a promise he made to himself as he lay broken in a hospital bed. With a few other exceptions, besides the paint color, like the fuel pump and alternator, this ’69 Charger is about "as close to original as you can get." But it’s still Howser’s muscle car dream, nonetheless.