This 1969 Ford F-100 Has An Engine Out Of A Cadillac CTS-V, Tuned To 800 Horsepower

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Probably could have done that with a Ford engine. Just sayin'.

You will unfortunately have to sit through some dull marketing video to get to the truck here, but it will get there. We promise. The truck in question is a 1969 Ford F-100 restomod, with a heavy emphasis placed on the "mod." Powering the truck is a Cadillac-sourced supercharged LSA, out of the CTS-V, which has been tuned to make 800 horsepower. It sounds great and surly is mighty quick, although it's something that could certainly have been done with a Ford engine too.

But some people don't care about things like that and, for them, fast is fast. Hard to argue with that.

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