This 1970 Jeepster Commando Will Make All Of Your Troubles Go Away

Nothing but you, machine, and the open road.

Off-road 4x4s today are literally jam-packed full of technology, just like all other new cars. But there was a time when 4x4s were pure and simple, purpose built. For example, a new Jeep Wrangler comes with modern amenities like a good stereo and infotainment system. That’s nice and all, but we prefer our off-roaders to be as spartan as possible, like this 1970 Jeepster Commando. Petrolicious met up with owner Sam Fankuchen about how he acquired the Jeepster, the required work to get it up and running again, and how he doesn’t care much about damaging it.

After all, most replacement parts cost no more than $100. Everything on this old Jeepster is purely mechanical; there are no computers running the show. It’s all driver and machine, and the off-road adventures with it are priceless.

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