This 1972 Lancia Stratos Stradale Was Found in a Barn

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A reminder that barns can often times contain some of the great automotive treasures.

The Lancia Stratos is without a doubt one of the greatest cars of all time. It has everything an iconic car should have: racing pedigree, Italian styling, plenty of power and, above all, rarity. We just love it. It's also one of the most successful rally cars ever built. All told, just 492 examples were built along with countless replicas. But this particular 1972 Stratos Stradale is very real, very rare and all original. It was recently uncovered in a barn. Originally sold to an owner in Germany, but came to the US in 1982.

Its owner kept it in California and New Mexico where the climate conditions helped to keep the car in fantastic shape. But the guy also drove it, going on road trips through the Mohave Desert, snowy mountains, and the streets of San Francisco. It must have been epic driving. In 1998, the Stratos went into storage with a total of 31,072 miles on its clock. After a full inspection, it was declared a complete car in "very sound condition." Power comes from a 2418cc V6 with 192 horsepower that's paired to a five-speed manual. It won't take much to get it up and running, but a full restoration is needed. Bonhams estimates it'll fetch between $250,000 to $300,000 at auction next week at The Quail.

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