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This 1977 Land Cruiser is for the 4x4 Connoisseur


It's guaranteed to make you look cool.

Today's Toyota Land Cruiser may still be an off-road champ, but it's also quite luxurious. Back in the day, it was a full-on Spartan-like 4x4 that was inspired and developed from the iconic Willys M38 Jeep of World War II. Basically, the Japanese copied the Americans on this one, but whatever, at least they did a good job. The Land Rover came about in the 1960s, but the Land Cruiser was still a much more reliable vehicle; it was literally bulletproof.

Its classic styling looks as cool today as ever, but finding one in pristine condition can be hard. RM Auctions is offering this 1977 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser at its event later this month in Arizona. Powered by a new 4.2-liter inline-six with 135 hp mated to a five-speed manual with low-range and part-time AWD, this Land Cruiser has received a full-on mechanical and cosmetic restoration. It has all of the correct performance specs and factory emissions equipment for the 1977 model year. It's also got a 21-gallon gas tank and has just 5,800 miles on the clock. It's expected to bring in between $65,000 - $85,000. Photos courtesy of Patrick Ernzen

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