This 1984 Motor Week Sport Utility Wagon Comparison Reminds Us Of How Much Things Have Changed

It seems as though, 31 years ago, people wanted actual utility from these things. Imagine.

It is probably true that the SUVs of today are much more capable than anyone would have expected a unibody "truck" built on a car platform to be 31 years ago, but there can be no doubt that the philosophy behind the machines have changed. The vehicles you'll see in this video are essentially off-road trucks which have been fitted with a few creature comforts in an effort to be civilized. They were sport and utility before they were wagons.

Today we put far more emphasis on the wagon part of the name, even if it has generally been changed to "vehicle" in order to appeal to delusional soccer moms who wish to believe they're still cool. Then again, these old versions sucked on the road.

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