This 1995 Toyota Supra Has How Much Horsepower?!

Looks stock, drives drag and makes 1,342 horsepower.

When it comes to sleeper cars, it doesn't get a lot more surprising than this 1995 Toyota Supra. Sure, the Supra was a quick car, but this example has been tuned to 1,342 horsepower. With few exterior modifications, it promises to blow any drag racer away. The car has an AEM V2 ECU, bored 3.2-liter block, electric water pump, a Weldon race fuel pump, CP pistons, FRP aluminum rods and a massive turbocharger, in addition to tons of other goodies.

Outside, it’s just a carbon-fiber hood and wing, a front spoiler and 1998 headlights that set it apart. The car is now up for sale for $68,000, but before you look at the ad, make sure to watch this:

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