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This 1997 Acura Integra Had Its Body Ripped Off On Purpose

Ariel Motor Company / 7 Comments

And now it makes 140 hp and weighs just 1,100 pounds.

You could go out and buy an Ariel Atom if you're looking for a so-called "out of body" car experience. Or you could opt for something like the KROWRX X-Tegra. KROWRX simply started with what was once a 1997 Acura Integra and, well, removed its entire body. Call it a "body-off" sports car. What's left? Well, not much, but as Matt Farah bravely proved in this latest episode of The Smoking Tire, an engine and chassis will do just fine.

Okay, so maybe a few more things, like a roll cage and big rear spoiler were needed, but the result doesn't look anything like the Acura it once was. And that's just fine because it weighs just 1,100 pounds and produces 140 hp.

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Safety features? Really, you have to ask? This thing is really all about, you guessed it, driving purity. And like the Ariel Atom, there isn't much to protect you from any potential track hazards, meaning a quality helmet is a smart idea. After all, as Farah manages to yell out, driving this thing is like driving a parachute. Borderline terrifying.