This 2,500 Horsepower Lamborghini Just Set The Standing Half-Mile Record

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This car literally sounds like a hurricane going down the runway.

Underground racing is known for taking Lamborghinis and giving them twin-turbo setups with insane horsepower figures. The tuning company recently built a Huracan with 1,250 horsepower that could hit 202 mph in a half-mile. Now, the company has released a new Huracan with an upgraded UR X twin-turbo setup. This layout is good for around 2,500 horsepower and the results are simply staggering. The car is so impressive, that it just set the world record for the half-mile at a speed of 244.25 mph. It even sounds like a real hurricane.

The previous record was held by Underground racing's Gallardo Superlaggera which was 7 mph slower than the new Huracan.

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What's even more impressive is that this Huracan is completely street legal and even has normal street tires. We truly wonder what this machine could do if it had enough room to hit top speed, but a world record should do for now.

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