This 20-Year-Old Honda Civic Just Sold For Over $70,000

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Is this madness or a smart buy?

Old cars are cool. This is just a fact, but there's something especially cool about old Japanese cars. Part of this is because many icons weren't sold here and we have to wait 25 years to import some of our favorites. Whatever the reasoning, people are willing to pay top dollar for the right car. Sometimes, it's easy to see why someone would spend so much for a car. For example, this NSX owned by Ayrton Senna is undeniably a piece of history. However, spending $70,000 on a two-decade-old Honda Civic Type R seems a bit excessive - until you see how clean it is.

OZM Auto Auction

We recently saw a Civic Si - arguably a less sought-after model - sell for $50,000, but the EK9 Type R is one of those cars that has become iconic to those who love the Honda brand. While the current generation is all about smashing lap records, it's only got a big name because of its predecessors.

The car in question is a 2000 model and is so clean that the seats appear almost unused. Since it's not 25 years old, this car was obviously sold to someone outside of the US, most likely in Australia where the auction company that sold this car operates from.

OZM Auto Auction
OZM Auto Auction

The car appears to be completely stock, apart from a black paint job that covers the original Championship White finish. The interior is undeniably immaculate, and the car has under 1,600 miles on the clock, which is an average of just under 79 miles per year. With just five years to go until a model like this one can be imported in the States, we expect prices for near-perfect examples such as this to continue to climb. Still, would you spend the equivalent of $71,500 on an old Civic Type R, or half that on the new one?

OZM Auto Auction
OZM Auto Auction
OZM Auto Auction

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