This 2006 Mitsubishi EVO MR Has Just 9 Miles And Costs $99,000

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Hey, would we lie to you?

It's gone and it's not coming back, as a compact sedan at least. The Mitsubishi Evolution, the Subaru WRX's sadly departed rival, will always have legions of fans, and we bet one with deep pockets will be more than happy to shell out at least $98,850 for this 2006 Evolution MR. Here's the kicker: it has just nine miles on its clock. It's up for sale, also via eBay, at South Coast Mitsubishi in Costa Mesa, California, and there's currently a bidding war taking place.

This Graphite Gray with black interior Evo MR comes powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder with a total of 286 hp, which is paired to a six-speed manual, sending power to all four wheels.The dealership doesn't state how it acquired the Evo, but a good guess is that it was previously owned by a collector who, no crap, never once drove it. What the dealer does provide is all of its specs and original MSRP of $35,189. The MR Package itself consists of an aluminum/carbon fiber brake grip, aluminum shift knob, boost gauge kit, wheel locks, rear spoiler extension, front under air dam, front brake air guides, and Bilstein monotube shocks.

That's what you get for nearly $100 grand. Is it worth it? For some hardcore Mitsubishi Evo fans, yes. That figure does seem really high even though this is quite special. As for the bidding, the opening bid was for a paltry $15,000 only a few days ago. There's still a full week left to bid, and surely this more than a decade old Mitsubishi Evo MR will cross the six-figure mark at any moment. Photos courtesy of South Coast Mitsubishi/eBay.

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