This 2014 Honda Civic Si Is Way More Powerful Than Today's Type R


Talk about a sleeper. In fact, it's a super sleeper.

You could go out and buy a brand-new Honda Civic Type R and no one would question your heavy foot habit. That hot hatch has 360 hp and can easily be one's daily driver. Or, alternatively, you could find a new or lightly used Civic and turn it into a real sleeper. That's exactly what the owner of this 2014 Honda Civic Si sedan did for this latest episode of The Smoking Tire. Sure, it looks pretty unassuming from the outside but inside it's gauges galore. There's a reason why: 450 hp to the wheels.

In fact, this sleeper Civic is probably capable of more, so let's say it has at least 100 hp more than a stock Type R. Wow. Just wow. And as Matt Farah quickly found out during his time at the wheel, there's some noticeable front wheel slippage.

The Smoking Tire

Hey, what can you expect from a FWD economy car with this amount of power? But what we really like the most about this Civic, other than its output, is the fact that its owner-builder didn't add a body kit or any other sort of exterior add-ons. He wanted to build the ultimate sleeper and he may have succeeded. Imagine some supercar driver pulling up next to this thing at a traffic light. Now imagine the owner of this Civic blowing dust all over the supercar's windshield when the light turns green.

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