This 21-Mile Liquid Red Ford GT Is One Of The Prettiest We've Ever Seen

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This is stunningly specced.

For years, Barrett-Jackson has brought some of the world's rarest, most beautiful, and priciest cars to the auction lot. The auction house has facilitated the sale of celebrity cars, insane restomods with thousands of horsepower, and even the great Mr. Shelby's personal Cobra 427 Super Snake. While classic cars are generally those that fetch the most money, modern cars that could become classics attract a fair price too. The latest of these is an absolutely gorgeous example of the limited-run Ford GT, here finished in a spectacular Liquid Red Tri-Coat paint with a Dark Energy interior color scheme. We only have one word to describe it: wow.

Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson

The example you see is a one-owner car with just 21 miles on the clock and is to be sold at the Las Vegas auction event. The interior hasn't even seen all the pre-deliver tags removed, and that's a real shame. A car like this should not be left to stagnate in a garage all its life - it was built to be driven, and this sort of car-flipping attitude is exactly why Ford demanded that buyers of the GT agree to its terms that included not selling the car for profit within the first year. In fact, Ford gave preference to buying applicants who endeavored to use their cars on the track. Nevertheless, this lack of use does mean that this stunning paint is pristine.

Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson

Still, we do hope that the next owner uses it for its purpose - this model has over $50,000 in options, including six-point harness anchors, 20-inch carbon fiber wheels, and the exterior carbon fiber package. All of this means a great-looking car that is ideal for track use, especially since the sale will include a purpose-built Intech trailer custom made for the car.

Sadly, it's more likely that the new owner will use the trailer to take the car to exhibition events rather than actually drive it. Nevertheless, we suppose that's better than one day trying to sell a GT that you burned to the ground.

Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson Barrett-Jackson
Source Credits: Barrett-Jackson

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