This 22-Year-Old Billionaire Was Fined Over $30k For Drunk Driving


Meet Katharina G. Andresen. Her wealth was inherited. Go figure.

Drunk driving under any circumstances is a non-starter. Call a cab. Call an Uber. Or just plain walk. Just don’t get behind the wheel, and this applies to everyone regardless of income. For 22-year-old Katharina G. Andresen, however, she thought she was different. Perhaps that’s because she’s a Norwegian billionaire with a net worth of $1.23 billion, thanks to being born into banking family. According to, Andresen was arrested last spring for drunk driving. She was driving her Audi and was pulled over by suspicious police.

Her BAC content was three-times Norway’s legal limit. Unfortunately for her, Norway’s fines are based on one’s wealth. No joke. This past week, the Oslo City Court fined her the US dollar equivelant of $30,400. She actually got off kind of easy, financially speaking. The court also sentenced her to 18 days in jail and a 13-month license suspension. “I’m sorry I drove with (alcohol in my blood). I thought I no longer had it after so long, but should have checked it. And I’m very sorry.” Andresen said in an official statement. Consider this a lesson learned for everyone. You drink and drive, accept the consequences. Fortunately for Andresen, no one was injured but it could have been much worse.

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And, for the record, we like Norway’s wealth-based fine system. Makes it harder, if not impossible, for the wealthy to buy their way out of trouble. As for Andresen, well, she really likes posting picture of herself to her Instagram page. Think they'll let her take her smartphone with her to jail?