This 335-HP Big Turbo Fiesta ST Is An Absolute Pocket Rocket

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330 horses at the wheels in a compact hatchback - yes please!

Ford's hatchback lineup features a few wicked cars, there's the Focus ST and the much-hyped Focus RS, but for those wanting a smaller car with pretty much all the same features, albeit with a smaller motor, there's the Fiesta ST. The small car recently received an upgrade - The Fiesta ST200 is quite the desirable little car. As usual, that power didn't quite cut it and so over at Dead Hook, one was given a wee bit of a power boost. To show it off they hooked up with The Smoking Tire's Matt Farah for a One Take review.

This Fiesta ST is somewhat of a sleeper. Sure there's a splitter, some decent wheels and a race-style rear wing, but you'd never guess it has 335 hp at the wheels.

The Smoking Tire, Youtube
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The modified Fiesta features a Dead Hook Motorsports "Quick Spool" 290R kit that includes a 2560 turbo that measures in around three times larger than stock. To complement it, there's new pipework, a big intercooler, a 2J intake, bracing all around, sticky tires and a Wilwood 6-pot big brake kit. The car runs on a mix of methanol and E30 and the tune is super smooth as you'll hear in the video. You'll also hear possibly the coolest sounding Fiesta we've seen to date. When a car gets Matt as excited as this one, you know it's special because he's driven some pretty mental cars over the last couple of years. All the car needs in a bigger methanol tank, and to be parked in our driveway.

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