This 380-HP Toyota Yaris Is Built To Catch Air And Eat Corners For Lunch

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Toyota's WRC car gives us hope for its production-spec hot hatch.

The all-new Toyota Yaris WRC car is a crazy little beast. The hot hatch makes 380 horsepower, looks outrageous and can be heard from a mile away. We know that last bit is true thanks to this video of the Yaris doing some winter testing. At the controls is Finnish rally driver Jari-Matti Latvala. In his hands the hatchback is capable of amazing things. We never thought we'd see a Yaris get air or slide sideways through bends. Well, we know these things are possible but we didn't think the little hatch could do them and survive.

Toyota is returning to rally racing after 17 years away. The car it's fielding is an unknown commodity. Videos like these prove that it just might have what it takes to compete at rally racing's top level.

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The Japanese automaker has confirmed that a production-spec Yaris hot hatch based on this rally car is in the works. It obviously won't be a street-legal carbon copy of what you see in this video. The dial will have to be turned down considerably given that traffic laws and safety regulations will need to be accounted for. Here's hoping that Toyota's engineers at least let it keep the rally car's revvy engine and crackling exhaust.

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