This 400-HP, Right-Hand Drive Mitsubishi Evo Is Illegal In America


It's a stupid law that Canada doesn't have. Good for them.

If you live in the US, you’ll have to wait at least another 11 years to import a seventh generation Mitsubishi Evo. Canada has no such ridiculous import law, for the record. Now that the Mitsubishi has seemingly permanently cancelled its best model, Evo owners will continue to unite and celebrate the cars they drive. Fortunately, as Matt Farah points out in his latest One Take, there’s not a whole hell of a difference between the seventh, eighth, and ninth gen Evos. Mitsubishi began importing the Evo to the US in 2003, in time for the eighth generation.

So if you’re looking for a pre-gen 10 model, there’s enough availability. What you won’t get, however, is a right-hand drive model, which Farah samples here. What’s cool about this particular seventh-gen Evo is that it’s very clean and lightly modified.

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What it does have is 400 horsepower, several bolt-on performance upgrades and a nicely balanced chassis. The turning radius is just as bad as it would be on future models. Nothing’s perfect. But right-hand drive is definitely something that takes getting used to. Slicing your way through canyon roads is one thing, but a trip to the drive-thru is just flat-out annoying.