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This 500-HP BMW Z4 Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

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The new BMW Z4 is getting the Manhart tuning treatment.

German tuner Manhart has a reputation for taking stock BMWs and turning them into high-performance beasts. Back in December, the tuner previewed its take on the BMW 8 Series with M8 levels of power, and now the company is about to take the new Z4 next to the level. Manhart has released some render images previewing what its version of the new Z4 will look like. Like other BMWs modified by the German tuner, it sports a distinctive black and gold livery that would make the Bandit proud.

Elsewhere, the front fascia looks more aggressive thanks to a new lower front lip that's likely made from carbon fiber, and the roadster has also been fitted with larger wheels and a lowered suspension. At the back, Manhart's Z4 features a new diffuser and quad exhaust tips that make it look like an M division car. We can't help but pine for a full-fat BMW Z4 M.

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It isn't clear yet what mechanical modifications have been made, but the name might offer some clues. Manhart dubs its creation the MHZ4 500, which suggests the modified Z4 could pack 500 hp. That's a lot of power for the Z4, but it seems plausible since the Z4 M40i already makes 382 horsepower.

The BMW X3 M Competition also uses an S58 engine producing over 500 hp, which is derived from the B58 that powers the Z4 M40i, so it should be possible to extract more power from the Z4. We can't wait to see how Manhart's modified Z4 looks like when it's finished. Hopefully, it won't be long until the tuner releases photos and technical details of the MHZ4 500.