Hot Rod

This 1959 Chevy Apache Pickup Eats Porsches on the Corners

It just looks totally awesome.

Safety? There’s really not that much. Just the rear view mirror – no side views. Airbags? ABS? Do you really even have to ask? This 1959 Chevrolet Apache pickup was bought unrestored by a guy named Wes Drelleshak. From the first moment he saw it, Drelleshak had a vision for what this truck should become. So he did what any good and true gearhead enthusiast would do: sell his reliable Toyota Tacoma in order to buy and restore this 55 year-old derelict and then make it his daily driver.

For those who aren’t into cars and/or hot rods, doing something like this makes absolutely no sense. But when it comes to fixing up old trucks like this one and giving it new life, the final result is totally worth the time and effort, not to mention the dent in the bank account.

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