This 650-HP Beauty Is The Next Best Thing To A Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

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Why wait for the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series to arrive when you can have this?

If you're getting impatient for the hardcore Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series to arrive in 2020, there are happily some aftermarket alternatives. In this case, German tuner Fostla has collaborated with several specialists to make even hotter versions of the AMG GT and GT S. For the exterior, Prior Design has added a widebody kit that includes an assortment of aero upgrades, including front and rear flicks, a more aggressive rear diffuser, and a blacked-out grille.

Also helping this modified AMG GT stand out is a full-body Malachite Green vinyl wrap, a limited edition color by PWF. In total, only 50 rolls were made for Europe. The custom wrap is contrasted with eye-catching yellow accents applied to the front and rear as well as the side skirts. Rounding off the exterior changes are 20-inch alloy wheels provided by ADV.1 Wheels and modified suspension with KW coil springs and H & R spacers installed to sharpen up the handling.

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As with most tuning jobs, the most major changes can be found under the hood. Whereas AMG's twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 produces 469 horsepower in the base GT and 515 hp in the GT, a performance upgrade has increased the output to 650 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque making it even more powerful than the range-topping GT R, which has a whopping 577 hp under the hood.

Among the modifications included in the level 2 performance are FI-exhaust-downpipes by PP-Performance, a sports air filter from BMC sports air filter, and other upgrades provided by another unlisted partner. The result looks like the next best thing to a full-fat Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series.

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