Hot Rod

This '66 Chevy Nova Wagon is the Best Therapy

But its seats will make your butt sore.

Chevrolet never intended for its old Nova wagon to turn out this way. Consider it the minivan/crossover for its time, the 1960s. You may see one now and again, usually at a classic car show. And then there are those who hot rod them, instead of a conventional restoration. Meet Tim "SkyScrape" Katz, co-founder of a t-shirt company called "TAPOUT." He also happens to be a huge wagon enthusiast. And he also loves horsepower. Lots of it.

When he’s not working or with his wife and kids, he’s in the garage working on his car, specifically this 1966 Nova Wagon. It’s got a V8 under the hood and a big ass turbo. It was designed for racing, but it also happens to be street legal.

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