This 687-HP Chevy SS Is What A Hellcat's Nightmares Consist Of

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It also costs less than the Dodge, so does this make it the ultimate muscle car?

The highly depressing news about the impending death of the Chevy SS (given that the Holden Commodore on which it's based is on its deathbed) left us with a hole in our hearts. The 415 horsepower sedan was a bargain sleeper that could carry a family and pick up a pink slip or two at the weekend drag strip. It was kept fairly hushed by Chevy and as a result, hardly any of them sold. In fact, it was its low sales numbers that prompted us to call it one of the most underrated cars of our time and it will likely remain so.

Not all car fans felt the same way though, especially not this owner.

Before Chevy got a chance to take the last SS sedans and tune their brains out with close to 600 horsepower from the 6.2-liter LSA V8, this owner beat them to the punch with their own supercharged version. While this example isn't exactly as inconspicuous as the originals, it makes 687 horsepower. That's enough to put it in Hellcat territory, an area that any gearhead loves to be in. With an LSA supercharger, new cams, and upgraded injectors, this Chevy is as impressive as it is rabid. The best part of it all is that this Chevy is cheaper than the Hellcat by a long shot. Hopefully this SS is a taste of what's to come when Chevy tunes the last 1,000 SS sedans and sells them off as goodbye presents.

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