This 69 Cadillac Turbo Hot Tub is the Best Place to Get Laid

It's also gunning for the world's fastest hot tub record.

Why got to a hot tub next to a pool when something like this is technically and mechanically possible? This 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille was bought by a pair of brilliant engineering student friends from McMaster University in Canada for a measly $800. Instead of doing a typical restoration, they had something way better in mind. With some creativity and a desire to utilize the interior space an old Caddie has to offer, these guys installed a fully functioning mobile hot tub.

It even bubbles as they drive. A total of six years was spent improving the DeVille’s heating, suspension, controls, and pool plumbing. The guys are now planning to drive their "Car Pool DeVille" from Los Angeles to Bonneville Speedway in Utah to set a land speed record for the world’s fastest hot tub.

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