This 900-HP Electric Van Is Faster Than A Ferrari

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If it's not the future of EVs at least it made for a cool drag race video.

Chances are you probably haven't heard of EV startup Atieva, and there's a good chance that you will never hear of it again after watching this video. The Silicon Valley-based company is attempting to develop its own luxury electric sedan, and it's using a Mercedes-Benz V-Class as its test bed. The van, called the Atieva Edna, has an 87 kWh battery pack sending power to two electric motors. All told it makes 900 horsepower, which should be enough to take down a Tesla Model S and Ferrari California T in a drag race, right?

We don't know if this is the Model S P90D-and we don't think picking on Ferrari's entry-level model is fair-but that doesn't change the fact that this electric van outruns both cars. Atieva is backed by Chinese automaker SAIC Motor and has former Tesla senior board member Peter Rawlinson as its founder, so perhaps we'll be hearing more from it soon.

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