This 900-Mile Jaguar Project 7 Is Worth Every Penny

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One of the most rare British cars of the last decade is up for auction.

As though the handsome, sweet-sounding Jaguar F-Type weren't enough to satisfy sports car enthusiasts, a couple of years after its release, the British manufacturer came up with this: the "Project 7". Taking its inspiration from the Le Mans-winning Jaguar D-Type of the 1950s, the Project 7 was an ultra-rare, limited-run take on the production Jaguar F-Type convertible, with a racy-looking "aero haunch" trailing behind the driver's headrest, racing-inspired body graphics, and a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 sending 567 horsepower through the rear wheels.

How rare was it? Just 250 were built, of which a fifth - 50 cars - were earmarked for export to the US market, and after the car was announced, all 50 sold in about the span of a heartbeat. But if you missed your chance to own one the first time around, don't worry; you get another shot.

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This stunning, single owner Jaguar Project 7 is up for sale right now on collector car auction site Bring A Trailer, looking every bit as drop-dead-gorgeous as the day it rolled off the line, with a scant 900 miles on the odometer. It's just barely past the typical new car break-in period, and it shows, with an immaculate engine bay and a faultless interior.

What comes with the car is nearly as cool as the car itself; included in the sale is a Certificate of Authenticity, signed design print, scale model of the car in a polished mirror finish, and a helmet that's color-matched to the car's exterior.

Bring A Trailer Bring A Trailer Bring A Trailer Bring A Trailer

As of this writing, this low-mileage Jaguar Project 7 has a high bid of $101k on Bring A Trailer, with just a day left of the auction. That doesn't sound the least bit unreasonable for one of the most exclusive cars to launch in the past few years, although we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that regular Jaguar F-Types are subject to some pretty rapid depreciation. Look around and you can find plenty of fine examples in the $40k to $60k range, with some selling closer to just $30k.

Of course, assuming we had the means, we know which one we'd spring for.

Bring A Trailer Bring A Trailer Bring A Trailer
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