This 918 Spyder Is Styled Like The Ultimate Boss

IND Distribution and HRE Wheels create the ultimate hypercar design.

It'shard to believe that any Porsche 918 has ever left the factory feeling naked orunimpressive. But after they have seen this personalized example of the 918Spyder, other Porsches might be feeling a bit underwhelmed by comparison. The 918 Weissachwas already a one-off when it left the factory wearing this livery, featuring thenumber 57 and inspired by the 1960s Porsche Salzburg racing team. But then, INDDistribution went to work on it and equipped it with HRE Performance's P101 wheels in gloss black, creatingan astounding result.

Likeall 918 Weissach's, this car also arrived with a lightweight carbon fiber aerokit, including a special rear diffuser and larger front splitter as well as a biggerrear wing and six point seatbelts. The standard lightweight magnesium wheelswere swapped for the black HREs (although the green brake calipers remain).Whoever the customer behind this project is, he may have just ended up with the 918 that will proudly own all of its lesser brothers.

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Porsche 918 Spyder Convertible
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