This 930-HP Toyota Supra Is A 90s Time Capsule With A Temper

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This could show the new kids on the block how it's done.

The great Canadian outdoors. Home to maple trees galore, polite neighbors behind unlocked doors, and roads straighter than Ron Swanson claims to be. Not the first place you'd think to look when searching for a rude piece of JDM thuggery, but looks can be deceiving. While any passing traveler may see the tire marks and think society is going to hell one Brampton-bred Dodge Challenger at a time, it's in fact the fault of a Mk. 4 Toyota Supra boosted to the high heavens.

It has it all, the subdued looks that can only mean the worst, a large spoiler confirming those fears, and a snarling exhaust note highlighted by the hiss of a turbocharger. No further time is needed to confirm that this Supra is done right. But of course it would be.

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This beast is owned by someone who goes as "Marcel." As one of Vancouver's more prominent car photographers, you can be sure that they know exactly what they're looking for when they go car shopping. With a 2JZ engine under the hood and a single turbo helping it catch its breath, this Supra makes a bombastic 930 horsepower, all going to the rear wheels. It ticks off all the right boxes, not just by invoking 90s nostalgia, but by seriously asking the question, "how have modern cars improved on this recipe?" That's a question we're not sure we have an answer to.

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