This 964 Porsche 911 Turbo Is A 600 HP Delight Purists Won't Like

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Damn the purists in that case.

There's something about some, not all, Porsche 911 enthusiasts that can get quite annoying: any time a classic or any other special 911 is altered from stock form it's automatically ruined. Yes, tuners, aftermarket and home alike, can seriously mess up a perfectly good 911, but when in the right hands, great things can happen. That's exactly the case for this Porsche 964 Turbo, featured on this latest episode of The Smoking Tire. In short, its original engine was ripped out, but its replacement unit is more than worthy:

an Andial-built 600 hp race engine once used by Jeff Zwart back in 1994 when he won Pikes Peak. This is not exactly an engine once can just go out and buy; only 20 are known to exist. But this 964 has one of them, and the results are pretty damn awesome.

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In order to get weight to as low as possible, tipping the scale at a mere 2,800 pounds, the power windows, climate control system, and sunroof have all been taken out. Even the original whale tail (which we love) has been replaced with a ducktail. It also received a fresh coat of blue paint. As you'll soon seen in the video with Matt Farah at the helm, there's nothing else out there quite like this driving purist 964. So what if the Porsche purists won't like it. The final result is what matters. Besides, those purists often take everything Porsche way too seriously sometimes.

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