This Acura NSX Was Left To Rust In A Russian Forest For Several Years


This is not how you treat one of the most iconic supercars of all time.

You don't expect to find a silver 1990s Acura NSX supercar left to rust in a random Russian forest. But that's exactly what's happened here. Adored by enthusiasts, the original NSX is one of the most iconic supercars of all time. It's also very rare which means its value has soared, making it desirable to car collectors. It's puzzling, then, to see such a revered supercar left in this sorry state. According to a Reddit thread, the NSX was found covered in moss and mould in a forest near St. Petersburg where it had been left for several years.

The car apparently has no engine and has since been transported to a repair shop, but there's still no explanation as to why it was dumped in a forest waiting to be discovered. Apparently, the specific 1993 model NSX was offered for sale around seven or eight years ago for less than a million rubles (around $17,000). What happened to the Japanese supercar since then remains a mystery. It's a bizarre situation, because NSXs are extremely uncommon in Russia - apparently there are less than 20 examples that still exist. Happily, the poor neglected NSX has since been acquired by a new caring owner who purchased it from the previous owner.

So, if you were hoping to snap it up you're unfortunately out of luck. Photos shared on Russian site drive2 show the supercar receiving a much-needed clean-up after it was left exposed to the elements for several years. It's now being stored in a garage in St. Petersburg, where it will receive a new engine and hopefully a full restoration. Let's hope the new owner can restore it back to its former glory, because this is an iconic supercar that deserves to be preserved.

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