This Agera is Flipping Out on the Set of NFS

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"You idiots! These are not them! You've captured their stunt doubles!"

As car fans of the world, we can always appreciate viewing the finest machines in existence tearing up road and track alike. Without a doubt the Keonigsegg Agera R is included in such a list. But what if the only thing being torn up is the Agera's roof as a result of flipping through the air and landing on her back like a circus acrobat on LSD? And for what? For the sake of a being in a movie that could be a smash (excuse the pun) or a box office stinker. No one would want to see that right? Or would you?

Don't start biting your nails and grabbing the edge of your seat just yet, word from the set is that this Agera R is a replica. Either way we actually find it cool to see how this stunt was pulled off.

The happy ending in this story is that the starring Agera Rs were safely tucked in to their trailers for some proper Hollywood A-List pampering after shooting wrapped.

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