This Alfa Romeo Is As Beautiful As Its Name Is Bizarre

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Wanna have a guess at what it is?

Alfa Romeo can be a bit inconsistent when it comes to naming conventions. On the one hand, it just needs to look at a map of Italy or browse the most recent registered birth lists to come up with an evocative title for its cars (Giulietta, Brera, Milano, etc...), or just slap on any random word like "Competizione" or "Alfetta." At other times, though, Alfa Romeo's let the ball slip with random-to-non-gearheads collections of numbers or "you see, MiTo is shorthand for Milan and Turin" abbreviations you'll forever be explaining to people.

Titles like that are literary masterpieces compared to what Kyujin Kim (a Transportation Design student at the College for Creative Studies) has labelled his Alfa Romeo concept car project. We appreciative the out-of-the-box creativity, but "Jellyfish X" is about as unusual as automotive names get! Thankfully, the name's the only quibble we have with Kim's concept; we're big fans of the Alfa's sleek curves, the "cab forward" layout, and the pin sharp LED headlamps that flank the Alfa Romeo shield grille. It's all very well composed, and the flowing, organic tapering curves do go some way to justifying the biological and aquatic inspiration that the "we're still not sold on it" name is so clearly trying to highlight.

Long story short, we can say with the utmost certainty that Kyujin Kim has the creativity to succeed as a car designer (especially for a marque as renowned for evocative automotive shapes as Alfa Romeo). Just leave the naming conventions to the guys and girls who decide on what the cars should be called.

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