This Alfa Romeo Is The Upscale Convertible FCA Desperately Needs


Sorry, Fiat, but Alfa Romeo does the whole pretty thing just a bit better.

The allure behind most Italian cars is a lot different than that of automobiles made elsewhere in Europe. German cars are practical and well-engineered while British cars encapsulate beauty in a sensible manner. Meanwhile in Italy, emotion rules both design and construction. Using that logic, rendering artist Indav Design has penned a gorgeous car that challenges FCA’s decision to use the Fiat marque to make its Italian convertible. Not to point any fingers, but both Fiat and Alfa Romeo are quintessentially Italian brands, but only one knows how to do pretty.

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As we know, both companies have been on a mission to get back into the hearts and minds of Americans. Alfa Romeo has begun its quest for American relevancy with the 4C, which is being followed by the M3-beating Giulia Quadrifoglio. On the other hand, Fiat has already been at work integrating itself back in the US with its army of 500 variants. While these are the Italian volume sellers that FCA needs to stay afloat in the long run, the company needed something a bit more attractive (while still being attainable) to encapsulate the peppy spirit found in Italy’s finest automobiles. For that, FCA turned to Mazda and the MX-5 Miata platform. It then decided to pass the job off to Fiat and Abarth to make the 124 Spider.

While we love that car, Indav Design’s latest creation is making us wonder why FCA didn’t let Alfa Romeo take on the job. By using the face of the Giulia, Indev Design managed to create a convertible with a face that easily trumps the 124 Spider's, and one that could even put a dent in Mazda's sales. While it may seem impractical to task FCA with adding another car to its lineup, especially one with the exact same function as the 124 Spider, we think that the automaker should build it. FCA just needs to pull off a Subaru/Toyota deal with its own brands and slot the Alfa Romeo convertible above the 124 Spider. An upscale interior and more powerful engine (maybe the 4C's turbo-four?) would justify the higher price tag.