This All Original BMW M1 Was Left In A Barn For Over 30 Years


Who could leave an M1 supercar to rot like this?

The BMW M1 is one of the most elite cars in the German manufacturer's prestigious M range. Only 453 were built between 1978 and 1981, making it a very rare example of a mid-engined BMW supercar – a setup that wasn't replicated until the arrival of the hybrid i8. Back in 1978, the M1's 3.5-liter, six-cylinder engine generated 273 horsepower, which was phenomenal for the time. With its impressive performance and scarcity, it's extremely valuable too, with some dealers selling the M1 for as much as $600,000 in the rare occasion that they go on sale.

Those colossal costs will probably rise every year, which makes this miraculous discovery from German BMW dealer and specialist Mint Classics simply incredible. Here we have a 1981 BMW M1 barn find which has been collecting dust for over 30 years since it finished production. According to Mint Classics, the M1 was abandoned in a southern Italian garage and has been left untouched since 1982 – the supercar even still has the original tires manufactured in 1980. Even more staggering is the low mileage, with only 4,593 miles on the clock. It's heart-breaking to see one of the most desirable BMWs ever built left to rot like this.

However, other than some random bits of rubbish and thick layers of dust marring the previously pristine red paintwork and interior, photos show the unloved Bimmer to be in relatively good condition considering its age and deprivation. Mint Classics intends to restore the weathered M1 to its former glory. While cleaning it up and making it shine like it did in 1981 probably won't be too difficult in the hands of an expert detailing specialist, getting the equivalent performance out of components that have been neglected for over 30 years won't be an easy task.

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