This Amazing Creation Can Transform Into Any Car Ever

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Need a Mustang? No problem. Want a Koenigsegg? Coming right up.

Automotive oddities are aplenty and contribute to the diversity of cars available to consumers. Variations are limited by nothing more than the imagination of their designers and the whims of the market, but that can sometimes pose issues for filmmakers. Some movies may call for a car that's no longer available (say, Porsche 959) or require putting an expensive car through some dangerous stunts (a Koenigsegg One: 1 for example). Unless you're Tom Cruise, then you can wreck all the M4s you want.

When private owners inevitably turn down the filmmakers, that's where the Mill Blackbird comes into play.

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You've been introduced to the car before, but in all likelihood, you never knew. That's because the Blackbird has the capability to become any car it needs to be. It may sound like an auto enthusiast's dream come true, but the fact is, the trick only works on camera. Still, it's an impressive one, and using an adjustable wheelbase, width, and electric motors, it can be adapted for any look necessary, from a Ford Mustang to a Toyota Prius. It's electric motors are also programmable to mimic gearshifts and acceleration of a certain car, leaving no stone unturned. Top Gear managed to get behind the scenes with the creator of the Blackbird to learn a bit about how the car works. It may not be a Ferrari, but it looks good in an Ariel Atom kind of way.

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