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This Amazing Golf R Has More Power Than An Aventador!

Talk about a sleeper car!

The Volkswagen Golf R is a tuner's dream. The combination of turbocharged power, AWD, and dual-clutch transmission makes it the ideal car to add tons of horsepower to. This modified Golf R from HPA Motorsports takes the hot hatch to new heights. Believe it or not, this particular example has 740 horsepower. That's more than a Hellcat or an Aventador! On the latest episode of Tuned, Matt Farah get behind the wheel of one of the coolest sleepers we have ever seen. Let's just say he liked it. So how did HPA create so much power?

They started off by putting in a 3.6-liter V6 from a Passat R36. This engine was then paired with two turbos and the seven-speed dual clutch from an Audi TT RS. The results speak for themselves. Just watch an enjoy how crazy this Volkswagen is!

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