This Amazing Kremer Porsche Racer Says To Hell With Snow

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To the legends who thought this up, we salute you!

A long time ago on a racetrack far, far away, the Kremer K3 spat-fire and reigned as one of the most dominant entries in FIA's Group 5 series. Winning Le Mans in 1979, the Porsche 935-based racer is one of the automaker's most famous monsters. Now it's back. Well, sort of. Kremer has decided to bring the iconic flat-nose and radical aero package back. This time it is fitted on a 997-generation 911 GT3 Cup, and was recently spotted not giving an "obscenity" and testing on a snow-covered track.

The radical but iconic aero fits perfectly on the 997 and is one hell of a sight. Kremer is prepping for the Nurburgring's VLN endurance championship and will compete in the Group H category. The insane body work and boxed rear fender flares are a perfect homage to the K3s of old. According to Kremer's Facebook page the insane aero was produced by Zimspeed. Kremer also claim that those wishing to give the 996-generation of 911s a cosmetic overhaul are in luck as they are designing a body kit for some insanely lucky customers. Eat your heart out, RWB. Sleet, snow, and rain can't stop Kremer's return. We only hope one will be outfitted with a fat turbo for a nostalgic bombardment of flames, waste gates, and relentless spooling.

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