Drag Race

This Ariel Atom Vs. Snowmobile Drag Race On Ice Will Make You Miss Winter

Except for those sub-zero temperatures. That sucked.

There aren’t many cars out there quite like the Ariel Atom. And, well, snowmobiles are snowmobiles. Point being, both are awesome in their own ways, but are they even really competitors in any way shape or form? No, and there’s no need to explain why. However, given proper tire grip specifically designed for icy conditions, even a high-performance purist machine like the Ariel Atom can function. To prove this, ACE Performance, an Ariel Atom dealer from New England, teamed up with Woody’s Traction and its Grip-It Twist Screws.

The setup is simple: go to a slick runway in the dead of winter, and pit a 2014 Ariel Atom (with said tire screws) against a Polaris 800 Rush Pro-S snowmobile. This is what happens:

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