This Dude Is One Of The Dumbest Lamborghini Wheel Thieves


Enjoy prison, pea brain.

Any component of any supercar isn't exactly cheap. Far from it, in fact. This is something many car thieves are keenly aware of, so if they can't manage to steal the entire car itself, they could try to nab what they can. Take 44-year-old Ryan Gerard Griffin, for example. He's been accused of stealing a set of wheels off a Lamborghini Gallardo in Portland, Oregon, and then selling them to a local pawn shop the very same day (which was dumb). The wheels' value? $8,000. The Gallardo itself belongs to a guy named Vladimir Trishkin.

After buying the wheels, the pawn dealer took a closer look and only then noticed that Trishkin's name was on them. That's when the police were notified. It didn't take long to track down the thief. Griffin has been charged with first-degree theft and second-degree theft.

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