This Aston Martin Soapbox Racer Is Too Dangerous For Pro Drivers

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Test dummies wanted.

Aston Martin and Red Bull have already teamed up to develop and build the Valkyrie project, and now comes this: a soapbox racer. The Gaydon, UK-based carmaker has announced that it'll be taking part in the Red Bull Soapbox Race, held at Alexandra Palace in London, with this miniature V8 Vantage GTE. Because it's a proper soapbox racer, it doesn't have an engine, thus relying on Sir Isaac Newton's long ago discovered gravity for power.

It's literally the complete opposite of the hill-climb racers Aston Martin built over a century ago – and yet it's still considered kind of dangerous. How dangerous? Neither of Aston Martin's Le Man's-winning drivers, Darren Turner and Jonny Adam, will be behind the wheel. Instead, prototype operations senior engineer Alex Summer has volunteered for the task. "Having watched the Red Bull Soapbox Race numerous times, it looks the most amazing event so I can't wait to go and see it for real," Turner said. "There is no way in the world I would get into one but I'm very happy to wave the brave pilot on his merry way. I hope Alex manages to last for more than 24 seconds and, most importantly, makes it to the bottom in one piece!"

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