This Atlantic Blue McLaren 720S By MSO Is A Showstopper

2018 Geneva Motor Show / Comments

McLaren Special Operations rolled out its newest creation at the Geneva Auto Show wearing Atlantic Blue paint

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has been one of the busiest departments at the British supercar firm since the 720S debuted at last year's Geneva Auto Show. According to the company, MSO has had a hand in nearly every single 720S that's rolled out of Woking, a testament to its customers' want for unique, bespoke creations. To celebrate that success, McLaren brought a commissioned MSO 720S to this year's show wearing a deep-as-the-ocean Atlantic Blue exterior finish.

Inside, the Atlantic Blue 720S is matched with a Saddle Tan leather interior for ultimate class. "Every 720S produced by MSO is elegant and distinctive and a large part of that is because they are different in some way from all the others, with each car a unique expression of the owner's taste," commented Ansar Ali, Managing Director of McLaren Special Operations. "At MSO, we celebrate that difference by showing cars like the Atlantic Blue 720S – a world of McLaren possibilities made stunningly real."

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This 720S is the second MSO customized example its brought to Geneva. When McLaren revealed the model last year, the company also revealed 'Velocity,' the very first MSO 720S. That car, which was meant to highlight the ultimate performance of McLaren's new 720, wore a two-tone Volcano Red and Nerello Red exterior finish and was given a red-on-black interior. If you'd like your own 720S, McLaren's next available built slot is in July. Some 1,500 examples of the 710-hp 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged supercar have already been built.

(Update: An earlier version of this article stated only 1,500 720S models would be built. That was incorrect. McLaren stated 1,500 720S had already been built. It plans to manufacturer many, many more.)


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