This Audi Commercial Will Get You Pumped To Shop For The Holidays


Audi continues to create the greatest car commercials.

When it comes to creating the best car commercials, Audi rules the roost. A lot of automakers are content to have a narrator read off some stats about the car, then show it driving down curvy canyon roads that only exist in some remote part of Europe. These types of commercials kind of make sense for sports cars, but no one is ever going to take their Nissan Rogue canyon carving. Audi is a bit different, and isn't afraid to take chances in its commercials. Last year, for example, the automaker broke down gender roles with an awesome recreation of Toy Story.

This year, Audi hasn't thought quite so out of the box. Instead, Audi offers its unique spin on a difficult task that almost everyone has experienced in their life, searching for a parking spot during the holiday shopping madness.

The spot pits two guys, both driving Audi RS cars, against each other to try and get the last spot in a parking garage. During the whole ordeal, a choir is singing an epic rendition of Carol of the Bells to really increase the tension. The two drivers have to deal with all of the common annoyances of a parking lot in the US, people taking forever to get into their car, only finding handicapped spaces, old people forgetting where their car is parked, and spots that are just too tight to fit in. The commercial does a great job of making us laugh and shows off the performance of the RS7 and RS3 in a situation that someone who buys one of those cars could actually experience in real life.

By the end of the commercial, it is unclear which driver emerged victorious. Even though the RS7 has a 605 hp 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, we think that the lighter, more nimble RS3 would have the advantage a tight parking garage. It is not often that Audi shows off its RS cars in its commercials, so perhaps this is a good sign that Audi is finally ready to get serious with the RS line in the US.


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