This Audi Prototype Is A Bit Of A Mystery

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Clearly it's a new crossover, but which one?

Like all mainstream luxury automakers today, Audi is expanding its crossover lineup to include a segment size for everyone. No potential customer will be left behind (or turn to a BMW or Mercedes dealership). However, Audi has been somewhat slow to the game by launching crossovers in general. For example, the Q8 launched not long ago and the Q3's redesign has taken a bit more time than we thought.

But no matter, Audi remains very much a crossover player and our spy photographers have just sent us these images of a mystery prototype caught winter testing. When we say 'mystery prototype' we mean it because we're not entirely sure what it will be called. Neither do our spy photographers, but we can narrow it down to two nameplates: Q3 Sportback or Q4.

More than likely Audi will go with one of those names and we predict it'll be the latter. Why? Because it makes the most sense given the current Q3, Q5, Q7, and Q8 crossovers already in existence. Going with the Q3 Sportback name could cause some confusion among buyers. But why is Audi even considering the Q3 Sportback name in the first place? Why not just go with Q4 and call it a day? Because Alfa Romeo already owns the rights to that name, the Q4 high-performance all-wheel-drive system found on the Stelvio QV.

Needless to say, Alfa Romeo, or rather FCA, is probably not too thrilled that a major rival wants to use the name. However, the chances customers will mix up Alfa's AWD system and an actual Audi vehicle are slim to none. In other words, we're still betting on Q4.

Funnily enough, the Q4/Q3 Sportback is little more than the new Q3 with a lower and more sloping roofline. Its engines will also be exactly the same as those offered in the Q3, including a more powerful RS variant. Whatever name is ultimately chosen, we'll know by sometime early next fall because the crossover you're looking at will probably debut at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

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