This Audi R8 and A5 Sportback Show Their Love for One Another

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Consider it a Brazilian rear-end job.

Fender benders on the road and highway are a regular occurrence. There's always some asshole not paying attention. Typically these are relatively minor accidents and the damage done to cars can often be repaired. The whiplash pain coming from your neck is a different story, however. But sometimes a fender bender can result in a hilarious outcome. Take this Audi R8 and A5 Sportback, for example. The pair were driving the other night on a Brazilian highway.

The R8, likely going way too fast, didn't stop in time and plowed right into the rear of the A5. The impact was strong enough to launch the A5's rear into the air. That's what happens when you, R8 driver, aren't paying attention. Looks like you're the asshole now. Fortunately no one was seriously injured.

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