This Audi R8 Ran A Half-Mile With An Absolutely Insane Top Speed


We're talking over 225 mph. That's crazy fast!

The Audi R8 is fast and pretty, but people sometimes struggle with whether or not to call it a supercar. Well, there is no questioning the superness of this Underground Racing R8. It belongs to Sebastian Robles, aka Seafish. Of course since Underground Racing is involved you know that this R8 isn't stock. It packs a twin-turbo system that helped it rocket to an insane 235 mph in a standing half-mile run at the WannaGoFast event in Sulphur Springs, Texas. According to Underground Racing this is an R8 record.

Honestly, we believe it. Going this fast in a safe manner-remember driving in a straight line isn't always easy-is seriously crazy. Check out Seafish's record-setting run in the video here.

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